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We are fair and fiercely competitive - the right choice whenever you send money abroad, especially long-term. TEMPO, every transfer means more savings. 

True Exchange Rates

We are here to change everything. While banks and other payment processors inflate their exchange rates and take a cut, we have the real deal - fair & square. Join now and enjoy the best available rates when sending money to your friends and family.

Convenience & Access

TEMPO is always within reach - both offline and online - with over 210 registered agents in Germany & France, and a payment network with over 102 000 payout locations that stretches across 43 countries. Send whenever you need to and get help in a total of 12 languages from our friendly support team.

Trust & Security

TEMPO has obtained a EU PSD license and is a member of the International Association of Money Transfer Networks. We use only highly secure servers, IT training and security practices to protect your data.

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What people say

  • With my friends we are using TEMPO every month to send money to our loved ones in Russia. We like TEMPO’s friendly and helpful team and their competitive prices. We are very pleased with TEMPO!

    Marina from France

  • I regularly send money to support my parents in Armenia. In the past, I used my bank and it cost a lot. Since I found TEMPO, I have been paying just a fraction of these fees… and the money arrives in minutes. Keep up the good work TEMPO

    Arnak from Germany

  • A friend recommended TEMPO to me. I tried TEMPO once and have been a customer since then. Their fees and customer service stand out from the rest. Highly recommended! 

    Arsen from France

  • I regularly send money with TEMPO to Colombia. TEMPO provides very good and quick money transfer services.

    Jairo from France

  • TEMPO provides a really good service – it’s fast, cheap and reliable. And my relatives can collect the money from anywhere in Peru.  

    Lina from Germany

  • Excellent fees! I have really started saving money since I began using TEMPO to send money to my family in Brazil. 

    Andre Luis from France

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